Kick green through Münster

Specifications of the scooter

tretty Tretroller

Anti-slip tread plate

Stainless steel frame

Optimized and suitable for any size

Roller brake

For a safe driving experience

Light and reflection

LED light that always works

Spacious front basket 

Conveniently for your (groceries) bag. 

Smart lock

Puncture proof tires

To bring you safely from A to B

What are the advantages of the tretty scooter?

The special feature of the tretty.kick is its durable construction. Riding a tretty.kick keeps you fit and prevents overweight and back pain. You are just as flexible as with an e-scooter but by your own muscle power. You are 100% emission-free on the road in Münster! Thanks to the large wheels, a long wheelbase, and safe brakes you are comfortable and safe on the road with the tretty.kick.

How does the tretty.kick work?

If you decide to rent a tretty.kick you can start the ride through the app just like any other tretty vehicle. When you click on ‘Start the ride’, the lock will open automatically. You can then get on the scooter and go through Münster!


You are smart on the road with the tretty.kick, because our fully digital lock can be operated via app.


You are emission-free on the road with the tretty.kick. The scooter is completely self-sufficient thanks to a built-in efficient solar panel.


With muscle-powered locomotion without a motor, you are not only healthy but also with a lot of fun on the road.


With the tretty app, you can see where the next vehicle is at any time and unlock it conveniently at the touch of a button. The app is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store 

tretty Tretroller


You can sit back and relax while we take care of all services: Regular maintenance, repairs and customer service.