Cargo bike sharing in Münster

Specifications of the tretty cargo bike

Tretty bakfiets Münster


Adjust the saddle to the right height for a comfortable ride

Hub gears & roller brakes

7-speed hub gears for fast acceleration and roller brakes for safe braking.

Deep entry 

Fits almost any body size. 

Light and reflection

LED light that always works


For a safe experience.

Generous transport box

Conveniently for your bags or groceries*.

 * The 45kg load limit of the transport box and the seat of 40kg should be respected.

Smart lock

Puncture proof tires

To safely bring you from A to B.

What are the advantages of the tretty cargo bike?

The green tretty cargo bike is characterized by its large transport box. With the cargo bike, large items for shopping or moving can be easily transported. The modern and dynamic design is complemented by the high-quality components: 7-speed hub gears, roller brakes front and rear, LED lighting, hub dynamo, and a solar panel in the transport box.

Transport box

The transport box of each cargo bike is equipped with a bench seat on which a maximum of two children can sit with the help of tested three-point belts. Transport in the box is limited to persons up to the age of seven. In addition, the maximum load limit of the seat bench of 40 kg should not be exceeded. The maximum load limit of the entire cargo bike, including the rider, is 150 kg. Loads of up to 45 kg can be transported in the transport box. 

How does the tretty.lasta work?

If you decide to rent a tretty.lasta you can start the ride through the app just like any other tretty vehicle. When you click on ‘Start the ride’, the lock will open automatically. You can then get on the cargo bike and cycle through Münster!

Station based sharing

In contrast to tretty bikes and scooters, tretty cargo bikes are station-based. There are fixed stations where the cargo bikes are parked and then borrowed again by another user. The ride starts and ends at the same tretty station. Borrowing and returning the vehicles does not need to be reserved in advance and is flexible and possible at any time.

Current tretty cargo bikes Stations in Münster


You are smart on the road with the tretty.kick, because our fully digital lock can be operated via the app.


You are emission-free on the road with the tretty.lasta. The cargo bike is completely self-sufficient thanks to a built-in efficient solar panel.


With muscle-powered locomotion without a motor, you are not only healthy but also have a lot of fun on the road.


With the tretty app, you can see where the next vehicle is at any time and unlock it conveniently at the touch of a button. The app is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store 

Tretty bakfiets Münster


You can sit back and relax while we take care of all services: Regular maintenance, repairs and customer service.