How to tretty?


Download the app

Follow the link to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install the tretty app for free. After registration, you can search for a tretty vehicle nearby, rent it and start right away! You can see on the map whether it is a bike or a scooter that is offered for rent.

Register & login

You can easily register in our tretty app by entering your name, email address and mobile phone number. Within a minute you will receive an SMS to complete your registration.

Choosing a payment method & depositing money

Before you can drive off with the tretty vehicle, you need to add a payment method in the app and deposit money in your wallet. You can pay with PayPal, direct debit (via Klarna) or credit card., tretty.kick or tretty.lasta

We currently offer three different muscle-powered vehicles. You decide whether you want to rent a bike, a scooter or a cargo bike. Whichever vehicle you rent, it is powered solely by your own muscle power.

The green tretty bike is characterised by its comfortable seat. In the spacious front basket of the vehicle can large objects easily be transported while cycling.

The tretty scooter is characterized by its durable construction. You are just as flexible as with an e-scooter, but only powered by your own muscle power. So, you can ride 100% emission-free in Münster wih the tretty.kick!

The tretty cargo bike is characterized by its comfortable ride. In the spacious transport box of the vehicle, you can  easily carry larger objects. It is perfect for shopping or moving.

Tretroller in der Sonne Münster

Find vehicles in your area

In the app, you can see on a map where there is a tretty vehicle for rent in your neighbourhood. When you arrive at a tretty bike, scooter or cargo bike, you can select it and book it directly in the app. Another option is to scan the QR code on the lock of the vehicle, rent the vehicle and start riding.

Start the ride in the App

Click on „Start the ride“, to unlock the tretty lock and rent it.

The break function in the single ride 

To start your break, manually lock the lock and click the “Start Break” button in the app. During a break with tretty, your cost per minute is reduced by €0.05. If you want to continue cycling, you can end the break in the app. The lock will automatically open again and you can continue your journey.

The break function with the daily, monthly and annual ticket 

Each tretty ticket contains 600 break minutes per day. Unlike single rides, tretty tickets do not charge extra during breaks

Park within the green zones

Park carefully within the green zone on the tretty map in Münster. It is important that other tretty users can clearly see the bicycle or scooter. When parking, make sure that the tretty vehicle is not in anyone’s way. Parking prohibition zones are for example parks and zones marked in red in the app.

Lock the lock by hand

Press the button of the vehicle lock down until it clicks into place.  

End of the ride

Press “End ride” in the app and take a photo of the parked vehicle. 

The ten green rules

  1. Alcohol and drugs are absolutely forbidden while using the vehicle.
  2. A helmet on the bicycle or scooter is recommended but not compulsory. 
  3. Maximum one person per vehicle.
  4. Use the bicycle paths as much as possible. 
  5. Pay attention to pedestrians and other road users. 
  6. Do not drive in the wrong direction. 
  7. Lock the bicycle or scooter properly after use. 
  8. Park properly with respect to pedestrians and other road users.
  9. Use the vehicles as you would your own. 
  10. Recommend tretty to your friends via the “Get a free ride” button in the app and receive bonus credit.