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FAQ - General

tretty is a scooter, bike and cargo bike rental company with the first scooter rental system in Germany. Trettys are rented by a sharing system and therefore our vehicles are accessible to everyone. You are 100% emission-free on the way with our tretty scooters, bikes, and cargo bikes. Powered only by muscle power, our trettys can be rented stationless in Münster. Only for the tretty cargo bikes are fixed rental stations, where the tretty bikes can be parked and rented by other users. The ride begins and ends at these tretty stations. Renting our vehicles is very easy. Download the app and start your ride!

Eine kurze Anleitung zur Verwendung eines tretty findest du unter dem unten stehenden Link: HOW TO TRETTY

The production and disposal of the batteries is harmful to the environment. In addition, e-scooters have to be charged almost daily. For the sake of the environment and our health, the trettys work as autonomously as possible and independently of the power socket. In addition, our bicycles with their large front baskets and our cargo bike are perfect for transporting groceries or moving. 

You can use our trettys anywhere in the service area in Münster that is displayed in the app. In the red marked areas as well as the gray fields outside the service area you are allowed to drive, but not to park the tretty.


Münsterland has a lot to offer, for example the Rieselfelder Münster (an European bird sanctuary) is only a stone’s throw away. A little further away you will find deep in the heart of Münsterland the lovely park landscape, the Baumbergen. If you want to spend more time on the road, you can visit more than 100 castles and palaces in Münsterland.

The best thing is, with our vehicles you drive emission-free through Münsterland!

Unfortunately, our service is only available for people who are 12 years or older. 

Feel free to contact us using the contact form at the very bottom of this page, or you can E-Mail to support@tretty.de 

Change your standing leg about every 7 to 10 steps. By changing your legs regularly, you ensure a smooth and less tiring ride.

On a bicycle, the right handbrake is for the front wheel, and the rear wheel is braked by the coaster brake. On a tretty, the right brake lever is for the front wheel and the left brake lever is for the rear wheel.

That depends on how fit you are. A tretty scooter is about as fast as a bike. The normal speed is 12-18km/h, sporty riders ride about 25km/h.

Our rental bikes, pedal scooters and cargo bikes are equipped so that you can rent our vehicles with any body size. The tretty.bikes and tretty.lastas have an adjustable saddle, so you can comfortably adjust the bike to your height. Our tretty.kicks are due to the special construction, suitable for any body size. Try it out!

By a too low set saddle height, where the knee is bent too much, the pressure on the knee increases and riding can cause pain. The leg muscles also have to work harder, which causes you to tire more quickly.

A saddle height that is set too high results in poorer power transmission and too much pressure being exerted on the toes. This constricts the nerve pathways, which leads to pain in the foot area.

From 07.11.2019 to 05.02.2020 our crowdfunding campaign ran. The idea behind crowdfunding is simple: many people (crowd) jointly finance (fund) an idea, a project or a company. The supporters receive something in return. In our case, these were free rides.

FAQ - Registration

You can register for free directly via the “tretty” app. As usual, you can find the app in the App Store or the Play Store. 

Or click here: REGISTRIEREN

You need a cell phone with internet. At least required

Apple: iOS 11.0 or higher

Android: version 5.0 or higher + Google Play Store installed (some Android smartphones do not use Google services).

The app is only available for download if the smartphone meets the technical requirements. 

First, make sure that you have the latest version of the app installed. You should also check if you have entered your data correctly. If both are true, try again in a few minutes. Otherwise, please contact support@tretty.de support@tretty.de

You can cancel your account by sending an E-Mail to support@tretty.de

To process your cancellation by E-Mail, we need your name and the phone number associated with your tretty account.

Any remaining credit will be refunded. Exceptions are for example money you received because of actions and given travel credit. This is not refundable.

FAQ - Starting and ending the ride

On the map in the app you can see where the trettys are located. The map also shows you whether it is a scooter, cargo bike, or bicycle. When you are at the tretty, you can then either select and book it directly in the app, or you can scan the QR code directly at the lock of the vehicle. If this does not work, you can also enter the vehicle number manually in the app.

It is important that other tretty users can find the tretty well. When parking, make sure that the tretty is not in anyone’s way. No-parking zones are, for example, parks and green areas that are marked red in the app. Make sure that you do not block access routes to properties for fire departments or ambulances and that you do not park the tretty on private property.

To start your break, click the “Start break” button in the app and close the lock manually. If you want to continue, you can end your break in the app. The lock will open again automatically and you can continue.

It is possible to pause the ride outside the service area. So you can use the vehicle to explore for example Münsterland. However, it is not possible to end the ride there. To do so, you have to return to the service area, i.e. to a green zone.

FAQ - Prices and payment

The use of a tretty for a single trip costs€0.09 per minute with an initial unlocking fee of €0.99 . Alternatively, with the tretty monthly ticket for €14,99 per 30 days you can use all trettys of the public tretty fleet unlimited. You also have the possibility to book a day ticket for €6,99 which allows you to use our vehicles for the whole day.

You can find more info under prices

Before you can start, you have to enter a payment method in the app and load money into your wallet. You can pay via Paypal, direct debit (via Klarna) or credit card.

Note: When using Klarna direct debit, the funds will not be debited from tretty, but directly from Klarna. It may take a small moment until the credit is credited to your “Wallet”.

Before you can start a ride with tretty, you must have at least €2 in your ‘Wallet’. This credit will be used for your ride and ensures that you have a payment method on file.

Regardless of whether you use tretty for spontaneous rides or have a subscription, you need to provide a payment method to be able to use tretty. 

To verify your payment method, a minimum amount of €0,50 is required. This amount will be automatically added to your balance.

You will have overdraft charges as soon as you complete a trip that cost more than your current balance. If you have overdraft charges, you will not be able to book any new trips until the outstanding amount is paid.

FAQ - Tickets

In the app under “Tickets” you will find our daily, monthly and yearly tickets, each of which ends automatically at the end of the day or after 30/365 days.

The monthly ticket, as well as the annual ticket, has a duration of 30/365 days, it is NOT automatically extended and must be re-booked every 30/365 days.

Currently, three different tickets are available, the daily ticket has a duration of 24 hours. The monthly ticket has a duration of 30 days. The annual ticket gives you access to the tretty fleet for a whole year.

After booking the ticket, you can open our vehicles (or take a ride) up to twenty times for free, plus 600 free minutes and 600 break minutes are available per day. Once this is exceeded, the standard unlocking fee of€0.99 per unlocking and then €0.09 per minute will be charged.

Despite your ticket, you must have at least €0.50 in your wallet before you start a tretty ride. This credit will be used as soon as your ticket expires, or as soon as you have exceeded the 600 ride or 600 break minutes.

The unlocks, driving minutes, and break minutes are released daily, every 24 hours anew. This means that 24 hours after the start of the booking of the ticket, you will have all the driving minutes at your disposal again.

Example: Max buys a monthly ticket on 05.02.2021 at 09:00. He rides from 10:00 to 22:30, so Max has used 630 minutes. The first 600 are free, for the trip Max pays a total of €2,70 (30 x €0,09).

The next day (06.02.2021) Max wants to book a tretty again. He starts the ride at 08:45 and ends the ride at 10:00. In total Max pays €6,75 (75 x €0,09). If Max had started the trip at 09:00, the trip would have been free of charge, because it would then have taken place within the monthly ticket.a

FAQ - Technical problems

Alternatively, you can enter the tretty’s vehicle number or select the tretty on the map in the app to start the ride.

You can first try to open the lock by scanning the QR code or entering the vehicle number. If this does not work, the vehicle is most likely in maintenance mode and will be available again a few days later.

Due to GPS inaccuracies, the tretty may be within 10 to 15 meters. If you cannot find the vehicle even in this area, please contact support@tretty.de.

According to the app, has the renting process started?

In this case, move the wheel slightly back and forth. Sometimes a spoke presses against the lock bar. The lock should then spring open by itself. You can also try to pull the lock lever upwards.

Alternatively, press the “Pause/Unlock” button in the app, this will trigger the opening process again. If this does not work the first time, press the button a second time.

Check to see if something is in the way, for example, a spoke. In this case, move the wheel slightly back and forth, then the lock should close. If this is not the case, please contact support@tretty.de 

First of all, please make sure that you are in the green area and outside a no-parking zone. Sometimes it takes a short moment until your location is transmitted. In some cases, it is not possible to determine your exact location. Also, check if the lock is really closed properly.

If this does not work, write an email with your location and the problem to support@tretty.de, then you can move on. We will then terminate/cancel the rental in a timely manner and send you an E-Mail back. 

Sometimes GPS inaccuracies may occur and your location cannot be determined exactly. The fine mentioned in the warning message is only due if you have returned the tretty clearly outside our service area or in a no-parking zone. The fine (€20 plus €1 for each kilometer or part thereof that you parked outside the permitted zone) will not be collected automatically, we will check each case manually.

In this case, you should not rent the tretty or terminate the rental if you notice it only during the ride. Please report the exact damage to support@tretty.de, so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Please first make sure that no one is injured. If something is broken on the tretty and you cannot continue riding, end the rental and report the damage to support@tretty.de.

If you are outside the business area and cannot continue riding, please close the lock and return the tretty in the app. You will then get a warning message saying that you are outside the service area and will have to pay a fine if you return the tretty here. Of course, we will not charge this fine in such a case. It is important that you contact support@tretty.de afterwards and describe exactly what happened.

Please contact our customer service by E-Mail to have incorrect calculations corrected. Please provide us with all relevant information regarding the rent, debit, and tretty account. So, we are able to understand the issue. You can reach our customer service at support@tretty.de.

You are probably connected via a Wi-Fi Internet connection. We have built in a registration limit per Internet address to prevent registration fraud. Try to register using another Internet source or mobile data. If this still does not work, you can reach our customer service at support@tretty.de.

FAQ - Miscellaneous

No, that is not possible. If you want to rent multiple trettys, everyone needs their own account in the app.

You have seen a wrongly parked tretty vehicle? And would you like to join us in keeping the city clean and tidy? Then you can report the tretty here.

Do you still need help?