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Rent eco-friendly Bicycles, Scooters and Cargo bikes 24 hours a day with the tretty App.

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The special feature of the tretty.kick is its durable construction. Riding a tretty.kick keeps you fit and prevents overweight and back pain. You are just as flexible as with an e-scooter but by your own muscle power. Thanks to the large wheels, a long wheelbase, and safe brakes you are comfortable and safe on the road with the tretty.kick.

The is known for its comfortable ride. In the spacious front basket can even large items be transported. The modern and dynamic design is complemented by high-quality components: 7-speed hub gear, front roller brake, backpedal brake, LED lighting, hub dynamo, and a solar panel in the front basket.

The green tretty cargo bike is characterized by its large transport box. With the cargo bike, large items for shopping or moving can be easily transported. The modern and dynamic design is complemented by the high-quality components: 7-speed hub gears, roller brakes front and rear, LED lighting, hub dynamo, and a solar panel in the transport box.

tretty It's that easy!

5 steps for your green “Footprint”​

tretty App Downloaden

1. Download the App

Download the tretty App in the App Store or Google Play Store and register.


2. Search & unlock

Find the nearest tretty – whether it’s a scooter, bike or cargo bike – on the map and unlock it with the App.

tretty Fahren

3. Start

Pedal away! With the tretty.kick, it is recommended to change legs after every 7 to 10 kicks. Whenever possible, use the bike lanes.


4. Park

Park responsibly. Make sure that the tretty is not in the way of others.

tretty abschließen

5. Lock

Close the lock by hand and end the ride in the tretty App.


How to tretty? tretty einfach erklärt
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Many thanks to all supporters. Our crowdfunding goal has been well achieved!


In addition, our thanks go to Dr. Schmidt Stiftung, for the environment and traffic, which generously supported tretty in the purchase of trailer vehicles! The E-Bikes and specially made trailer vehicles will be used for the sustainable redistribution and maintenance of the tretty fleet. 

How much does tretty cost?

EUR / Min

+ 0,99 EUR Unlocking fee

EUR / Day

Day ticket includes daily:

  • 20 Unlocking
  • 600 Ride minutes
  • 600 Pause minutes
EUR / Month

Ends automatically

Monthly ticket includes daily:

  • 20 Unlocking
  • 600 Ride minutes
  • 600 Pause minutes

Meet the founders of tretty

tretty Backround Tretroller-Sharing
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